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Vic Di Criscio is a business tycoon who believes in working for the well-being and betterment of society as a whole.

Vic Di Criscio


Vic is pretty much aware of and disturbed by the fact even though education is a crucial and integral part of a better tomorrow, numerous brilliant students are giving up their dreams of pursuing higher education. The cost of acquiring higher education is exorbitantly high in the reputed American universities and also colleges. The education expenses are constantly going up. As such, some students with financial constraints are finding it hard to sustain without concrete monetary support or assistance from others. 

Vic Di Criscio

Vic Di Criscio has come with the idea of providing monetary aid to underprivileged students in the form of an annual scholarship. Vic wishes to cut down the financial stress associated with getting higher education. His intention is to identify some of the best and most deserving scholars and also providing monetary support or scholarship money of 1000 USD per student annually.

An Entrepreneurial Genius with an Incredibly Generous Heart

Vic Di Criscio is well-known in digital marketing. For his contribution to society and his consistent humanitarian projects. Vic is generous and also passionate about helping others in distress. Numerous bright scholars are giving their dreams of pursuing post-secondary education because the tuition fees and also other living expenses are just not feasible or affordable anymore. Even scholars who had chalked out a clear-cut college savings plan have come to realize that their savings are just not adequate enough to meet all requirements including tuition fees, living costs, or textbook expenses. And also performance-based fellowship. It is gift money that doesn’t need to be return. However, it is only a one-time opportunity. Given to you to avail yourself of the amount for resuming your education. 

Vic Di Criscio says that if statistics are to be believed the approximate college or higher education costs in the United States would be somewhere in the region of $20,000 per academic year. People having dreams of enrolling in private colleges in the U.S.A. should be prepared to pay 30,000 USD or even more. It is truly a costly affair to opt for higher education. All related expenses are spiraling constantly. Brilliant scholars may rule out giving up plans of higher education under these financial crises and also constraints.

Made incredible gains as a pioneer of web design in the 2000s and has since worked tirelessly to invest in promising businesses and also promising people. He has expended a great deal of effort to form the Vic Di Criscio Scholarship and also build a committee of experts who find a pool of the most talented and driven candidates and also then put them through a rigorous selection process to find the most deserving candidate. The Vic Di Criscio Scholarship is 100% merit-based, awarded to students who have a bright future but are in need of financial assistance.

Efforts at Ensuring Equal Opportunities for Higher Education to All

Believes education is the cornerstone of society, and also that it is the primary route to progress. The scholarship is a lump sum of $1000 awarded as a gift-aid. He believes this sum will provide a huge impetus for the student to turn their fortunes. Around and also excel academically and professionally.

Vic Di Criscio puts great stock in dreams and also has personally dedicated. A lot of effort and funds to help people from less privileged backgrounds to achieve their dreams. He encourages healthy competition and has excellent business instincts. That allows him to identify the best ideas and the most reliable people from a mile away. A graduate of Computer Science and also Business Marketing, Vic has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of tech businesses. He understands how important post-secondary education can be in a student’s career. And hopes that this scholarship will allow the deserving candidate to go the extra mile to succeed in life.

Guidelines & Eligibility Requirements 

An applicant has to meet the following eligibility requirements to qualify for the selection of the winner of the Vic Di Criscio Scholarship 2022.

  • A senior student at high school can apply for this scholarship. He or she should be studying in a recognized and also affiliated college or university.
  • A sophomore or someone junior or even freshman can apply. For the Scholarship provided he or she is registered with an accredited university or college.
  • The applicant should write an original essay on the topic ‘Choose your favorite brand and analyze its marketing and communications strategy.’

You may submit the essay along with your Scholarship application via an official email at info@VicDiCriscioScholarship.com.

Vic Di Criscio Scholarship Instructions

The Scholarship will be given to the most deserving applicant. In terms of parameters like academic track record and also the originality and quality of the essay submitted.

Amount: You get a total amount of 1000 USD

Deadline: 15th March 2022. 

Winner Announcement Date – 31st-Mar-2022

The Scholarship winner will duly be notified through an official email. Names of the selected candidates will be put up on VicDiCriscioScholarship.com

How to Apply: Please furnish accurate information and also fill in the following with the relevant details. 

First Name/Last Name

Contact Number

Mailing Address

Email Address

In the event an applicant is still very much in high school, he may kindly provide precise information:

Date of Graduation

The university/college he has applied to or wishes to apply to, or is by now a student

 In case the applicant is a freshman/sophomore/junior, kindly provide the following mandatory information.

The accredited institute or university or college the applicant is at present enrolled

Your Current GPA

Winner selection of Vic Di Criscio Scholarship

The winner of the Scholarship will be chosen on parameters like performance and also merit. He or she will be intimated via a formal email from the office of Vic Di Criscio. Upon receipt of confirmation from the applicant, all assets will accordingly be transferred to the winner’s legal or official bank account. The winner may then use the scholarship amount with complete freedom and without any worries of returning the amount.


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